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The term fashion week most generally refers to a weeklong event in which fashion designers and brands display their new clothing lines, especially to live audiences during runway fashion shows. In today's era of globalization, foreign designers often choose to show their collections in Paris, home to luxury conglomerates such as LVMH and Kering. In a world with many fashion cities, Paris defends its title of world capital of fashion by producing and maintaining the aura of Paris fashion. The catwalks, showrooms, and tradeshows in and around Paris Fashion Week make up an incredibly important platform for brands to meet with buyers, showcase their latest collections and connect with the industry. We met 3 ladies with their own businesses during PFW and got a glimpse on how they celebrate FASHION. Marina von Lison, Izabela Switon-Kulinska and Doli Grace share their visions of fashion while walking in a beautiful Paris during Paris Fashion Show.

How did you enjoy PFW as a power trio and what was your favourite part of this experience?

Marina:  It was my first fashion cooperation with other influencers, and I really    enjoyed every second! Already before we met in Paris, we had created a what’s app group and precisely discussed all preparation steps. On this big day I woke up, felt excited to get ready, and step into the day looking great thanks to some gorgeous closet staples from GIORGIA VIOLA showroom, NICOLAS BESSON via LEXCLUSIVE and SOL ANGELANN.  These beautiful fashion pieces are designed with quality and versatility in mind—look and feel amazing whether you’re dressing up or down.

Izabela: Izabela: It was lovely to join my friends and share PFW moments with them. This FW    was also very special for me because I am currently 7 months pregnant, and I wanted to show other women that pregnant women can still be fashionable and don’t miss fashion month. My favourite moment of PFW SS23 for me was attending fashion shows together with my girlfriends and sharing this excitement with them. Of course also wearing designs by brands that I love and admire like: NICOLAS BESSON and SOL ANGELANN, but above all being featured in L’Officiel Monaco.

Which designs you were wearing and what can you tell us about them?

Doli Grace : Each designer that I have chosen was selected very carefully.
My gold shiny outfit is a creation of the Paris-based brand NICOLAS BESSON. I met him 2 years ago in Paris. He is an artist and simply a genius in his field. It is a brand that I put forward with pride and wear at various events. The long red dress I wear is from Arab brand SOL ANGELANN which is one of my discoveries this year during the Middle East Fashion week. For my third look, I chose a creation from the brand BUDOAR Atelier- a style that represents an imperative of classic elegance and sophistication. This brand was represented in the showroom GIORGIA VIOLA – one of the well-known showrooms in Pairs. My earrings on the third look are from HELENA JOY JOAILLERIE also represented by GIORGIA VIOLA.

Marina: Each of us had 3 looks. Our first outfit was with Swarovski crystals embroidered evening gowns from Arabic fashion brand Sol Angelann that gelinge my close friend Irena Soprano. With The second look we wanted to go into the direction sexy and bold. So we chose Paris based designer Nicolas Besson who is truly talented and highly professional. The third look was taken from the celebrity showroom Giorgia Viola who kindly supported us and gave the best couture pieces along with Helena Joy jewelry that I combined with Gemy Maalouf feather evening gown.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Doli: I am grateful to work with the most luxurious Houses in the fashion industry. Jewellery and watchmaking brands like AUDEMARD PIGUET, ROGER DUBUIS, PANERAI and PIAGET. Luxury brands including CHANEL, FENDI and talented emerging designers who trust my vision NICOLAS BESSON, MAE PARIS, BETREMANT PARIS . I am also building a strong community of members from various industries, like cinema, sports and business on LEXCLUSIVE concept.

Izabela: Some of the highlights in my career were working with Porsche for their exclusive calendar. Being the face of Sotheby’s campaign and being business owner of my company Défilé Event for 5 years now.

What is your favorite part of being a fashion influencer and working in the fashion/ luxury industry?

Marina: It simply makes me happy and fills my life with joy, satisfaction and pride. Fashion is truly my passion and I am endlessly grateful to share the love to fashion with like-minded people and learn from them.

Doli: Above all, what I like best is the passion that is conveyed in the fashion and luxury sectors. The energy that each person brings to the table on a daily basis, whether it be the designers, couturiers, photographers or stylists. I have a concept called LEXCLUSIVE a digital platform that allows access to a portfolio of exclusive designers and exclusive experiences around the world.  However, what I love most of all is the creation of experiences with the designer and the luxury houses for my members.

What is your number one tip for a becoming fashion influencer?

Marina: Be Self-confident and work 24/7.

Izabela: The most important tip from me is to find your own voice and style and always remain authentic to yourself.

How do you define style?

Izabela: For me, style is always about timeless elegance. The way a woman wears her clothing is so essential. Clothes don’t have to be expensive, but neat and of good quality. I personally love timeless clothing with a dose of extravagance.

Marina: First, you need to understand what you really, really love, then you can start to identify what makes you feel confident. Most of the ultimate style icons have signatures you can spot a mile off. This can be an accessory, a colour or a print or even a beauty trick.




Photographer: Leni Thery



Helena Joy Joaillerie via Giorgia Viola

Gemy Maalouf via Giorgia Viola

Budoar Atelier via Giorgia Viola

Sol Angelann

Nicolas Besson via LEXCLUSIVE

Charriol Jewelry & Watches

Thalie Paris



Flore Wondje

Benedikt Seehofer

Kristina Asoeva – Sharoeva

Maria Netchaeva

Baroness Marina von Lison, Izabela Zofia Switon-Kulinska & Doli Grace

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Baroness Marina von Lison
Entrepreneur, model, influencer and Mrs. Universe UAE 2021. IG: @marina_von_lison


Izabela Zofia Switon-Kulinska , Bella Zofia
Model, journalist, blogger, influencer, fashion shows designer and founder of Défilé Events.  IG: @bella_zofia


Doli Grace
CEO at LEXCLUSIVE, Curator of luxury experience for HUNWI, image consultant and brand manager.  IG: @doli.grace

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